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Burmeister Custom Doors

From private residences to commercial projects, we specialize in designing and providing interior and exterior doors that fit your unique project and budget.  We work with a wide variety of door manufactures to offer an unlimited variety of door styles and material options, allowing builders, contractors and architects to choose the option that best suits the project and best highlights the aesthetic appeal of your home.      

Burmeister provides everything from very basic, standard styles to manufactured doors to order to very high-end, fully custom doors.  We also offer a wide selection of interior jambs and exterior frames as well as pre-hanging.  We will machine the doors and frames for your hardware and provide a complete set of shop drawings and a detailed hardware schedule. 

Whether it’s a classic solid wood door, a glass door, or a screen door, Burmeister will help you choose the best materials and manufacturers for your needs.  From design to installation, we can handle all aspects of your custom-made door projects.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Burmeister today.

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